Governor membership

Membership of Academy Committee (AC)

  • All governors attend AC meetings
  • Remit: To ensure the best possible education outcomes are achieved by all Students in the academy and to ensure full financial regulatory compliance and the most efficient use of all income and resources across the academy.
RoleGovernor in post
Chair of GovernorsMr T Hill
Vice Chair of GovernorsMr C Shuttleworth
Senior PrincipalMr G Letton
PrincipalMrs J Witham
Member nameType of governorAppointedEnd of termSpecific /additional role(s) /PT membership
Mr T HillAppointed28/02/201927/02/2023Chair of Governors: re-elected 11/11/2020 for 2020/21 academic year
Link Governor:
- Admissions panel / Safeguarding
Mrs K MunnochAppointed (parent)16/03/201915/03/2023
Mr C ShuttleworthAppointed (parent)18/11/201917/11/2023Vice Chair of Governors: appointed to 18/06/2021
Link Governor:
- Admissions panel
Mr S WrightAppointed25/01/201724/01/2021Link Governor:
- Health and Safety
Mrs M WrightAppointed (staff)18/04/201817/04/2022Link Governor:
- Admissions panel
Mrs N BulleyAppointed (parent)11/10/201910/10/2023

Declarations of interest: pecuniary/business

NameName/nature of pecuniary/business interest declaredType of business
Mr T HillNo external business interest declaredBT
Mr C ShuttleworthTuxford Primary Nursery Apprentice employed to care for child / Wife works at Retford Oaks-
Mrs M WrightNo external business interest declared / Member of staff-
Mr S WrightRelated to member of staff-
Mrs K MunnochTeacher/ SENcoNotts County Council

Senior leaders who contribute

NameName/nature of pecuniary/business interest declaredType of business
Mr G Letton (Senior Principal)No external business interest declared/member of staff-
Mrs J Witham (Principal)No external business interest declared/member of staff-


NameName/nature of pecuniary/business interest declaredType of business
Mrs S Baines - Clerk to Academy CommitteeNo external business interest declared/member of staff-

Members who resigned/end of term during previous 12 months

NameDate of appointmentDate of resignation
Mrs S Johnstone18/11/201417/11/2018
Mrs M Huddlestone23/11/201631/08/2019
Miss C Burn03/03/201531/08/2019

Attendance at meetings: Local Academy Boards and Portfolio Teams

NameMeetingAttendance record 2018/19
No. meetings in year
Attendance record 2018/19
No. attended in year
Attendance record 2019/20
No. meetings in year*
Attendance record 2019/20
No. attended in year*
Mr T HillLocal Academy Committee3333
Portfolio Team[s]76--
Mrs K MunnochLocal Academy Committee1132
Portfolio Team[s]32--
Mr C ShuttleworthLocal Academy Committee3333
Portfolio Team[s]63--
Mrs M WrightLocal Academy Committee3333
Portfolio Team[s]66--
Mr S WrightLocal Academy Committee3131
Portfolio Team[s]63--
Mrs N BulleyLocal Academy Committee--21
Portfolio Team[s]----
Mrs M HuddlestoneLocal Academy Committee31--
Portfolio Team[s]43--
Miss C BurnLocal Academy Committee32--
Portfolio Team[s]64--

*Please note meetings ended in March 2020 due to COVID-19

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