Tuxford Primary Academy is proud to have a diverse school community, valuing the individuality of all in our academy community. Our mission is to equip our children with the skills and confidence they need to reach their full potential and be ready for the next steps in their education.

We want them to be passionate about their learning and creative in their thinking. We are committed to giving all our children every opportunity to succeed offering a broad and balanced curriculum and having high expectations. We actively encourage our children and community to seize every opportunity and create a community in which all children can challenge themselves and realise their true potential.

Educating our children, and ourselves, on what we can do to promote equity, diversity and inclusion is a significant aspect of our work together. We hope that all children who attend our academy will also understand that their impact on the lives of others is crucial to everyone’s wellbeing and success.

Equity objectives

We recognise that equality of opportunity is a fundamental right, and we have set out the following objectives in order to achieve this.

These objectives should be considered in conjunction with our equalities statement (see our single equality policy here).

  1. To grow and nurture an ethos which respects and values all people
  2. To ensure that the curriculum makes explicit and implicit provision to promote and celebrate diversity and actively challenges stereotypes and prejudiced attitudes, particularly focussing on students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  3. To prepare our pupils for life in modern Britain
  4. To have high expectations of behaviour which demonstrates respect to others
  5. To eliminate all forms of unfair indirect and direct discrimination, bullying, harassment, victimisation and other oppressive behaviour
  6. To take positive action to provide encouragement and support to individuals and groups whose progress has been limited by protected characteristics
  7. To make reasonable adjustments within the resources available to remove barriers which limit or discourage access to educational provision and activities
  8. To promote good relationships amongst all people within the academy and the individual academies, Academy Trust and the wider community within which we work
  9. To monitor and review the implementation of equality and diversity within the academy and
  10. To ensure that recruitment and selection procedures and practises within the Trust and the individual academies within the Trust are open and transparent and ensure that fair and equal selection criteria is applied.

These equity objectives will be reviewed and republished every four years. The next review date is January 2026.