Our curriculum

In This Section

It is important to us that we are providing the most engaging curriculum. Our curriculum topics and plans are created with your children’s ideas and their intended learning in mind. We promote pupil voice and ownership of learning at every stage. To further immerse children in their learning, we encourage guest speakers, have themed days, carry out special projects and have educational trips and visits each term. The curriculum is adapted during the year to suit the individual educational needs of all our pupils – our teachers are teachers to every child, and every child will accept and feel challenged.

Our curriculum leads to successful and confident pupils with:

  • enthusiasm and motivation for learning
  • determination to reach high standards of achievement
  • openness to new thinking and ideas
  • secure values and beliefs
  • a sense of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • self-respect

Our curriculum

  • English, including speaking and listening
  • Writing
  • Phonics
  • Reading
  • Maths
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical education (including swimming lessons at Worksop College)
  • Personal development
  • Communication
  • Physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Creativity
  • Themed topics
  • Sex and relationships education
  • ICT
  • PSHE – keeping safe online
  • British values
  • World knowledge
  • Spanish (from years 1-6)
Tuxford Primary Academy