This week, to complement our current history and English lessons, year 6 and their teachers visited The National Holocaust Centre and Museum in Laxton. They explored the background and implications of the Holocaust by taking part in ‘The Journey’- an interactive exhibition for primary-aged children with cleverly staged rooms and scenery including artefacts from the period.

What made the visit particularly special, was meeting Zdenka Husserl, a survivor of the Holocaust. The children had the opportunity to listen first-hand to her story and ask questions. It was amazing to see the empathy and consideration the children showed in doing this.

Before we left, Zdenka shared two important messages with us, the first being to respect your parents and the second to appreciate that everyone is human so should be treated equally.

As a follow-up to our very memorable visit, year 6 pupils will have their letters of reflection and appreciation posted in the The National Holocaust Centre next week.

Thank you to everyone involved in making the trip so fantastic.