Children in nursery and reception were giddy with excitement to try out our newly designed outdoor space after the summer holidays. This space was reimagined and brought to life earlier this term and the children have lost no time in getting to grips with the new equipment and space to explore.

The upgrade, which cost £56,000 and was funded through donations from the local council and capital funds from the Trust, is part of the academy’s commitment to providing the best possible learning environment for all children, starting from the very first day of school. The area provides children with opportunities to develop their physical, social and emotional skills in a safe and stimulating environment.

Principal Tracy Blacknell said: “The area, which is shared by nursery and reception classes, looks incredible and the children have enjoyed exploring their new environment. At Tuxford Primary Academy we pride ourselves on always striving to create the best learning environment for our children to enable them to thrive – we believe a crucial part of that learning includes whole body movement and time spent outdoors.”

The new area includes an upgrade to the flooring which allows for different uses and imaginative play – the road supports children to develop their balance and co-ordination, the mud kitchen to be messy and creative, and the climbing blocks to develop their physical skills The access to a tap for water play will allow children to explore and learn about the natural world.

The new outdoor area is a valuable asset to our early years provision and we are looking forward to many years of enjoyment and creative learning.