Executive Principal Miss Louise Davidson is delighted to announce that Nottinghamshire County Council have recognised the need for a zebra crossing outside Tuxford Primary Academy.

She wishes to thank everyone who supported the campaign for a crossing. The new crossing is expected within the Nottinghamshire County Council 2018-19 financial year so we are hopeful it will be in place by March 2019.

We are hugely grateful for the support of Councillor John Ogle, who said:

“I have been campaigning for this crossing for several years with, and on behalf of, parents and teachers of children who attend the Academy. In November 2015 I presented to the Chairman of the County Council a 483-signature petition collected by the Principal, and early in 2016 I made a speech in the Council Chamber highlighting the need for a crossing at this location.

“Many vehicles travelling north along Newark Road have just exited the A1 as they approach the school, and drivers tend to be slow adapting from the National Speed Limit down to the 30 mph limit legally required in this built-up area.

“Until April 2013 a School Crossing Patrol was provided, but when she retired, a survey was conducted under the previous Council administration and the site was deemed to no longer meet the criteria for a new Patrol to be appointed. I shared the disappointment of teachers and parents regarding this decision and we were all extremely concerned that there would be a serious accident sometime in the future.

“Therefore, I am delighted that Nottinghamshire County Council is now willing to provide a zebra crossing. This scheme has become possible as a direct result of the additional £20 million for highways identified by the new Conservative & Mansfield Independent Forum administration, which has given officers more flexibility to look again at councillor requests of this type.”