Year six pupils have had fun making a ‘hyper-inflation dress’ using their own German Marks, as part of this term’s topic on the Second World War and the Holocaust.

This year marks the 75th anniversary since Auschwitz was liberated and this has given the pupils at Tuxford Primary an opportunity to understand more about what happened.

Mrs Smith explains: “As part of this term’s topic year six have been learning about what happened in Germany as a result of the first world war, including the rapid increase in prices known as hyper-inflation. Pupils have studied photos of children using wads of money to make building blocks and kites.”

The class talked about adults using the worthless notes as fuel or for clothes making, and came up with the idea of creating their own ‘hyper-inflation dress’. They had fun in design and technology making their own 1923 German Marks to create the dress (pictured right).

Dress 1 (TPA)