The Mulberry Bush nursery

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The Mulberry Bush nursery and our reception class are run by qualified staff who have created a warm and nurturing environment. The Mulberry Bush offers additional hours beyond those that are government-funded, at a highly competitive rate – contact the academy office for more details.

The foundation stage is the first important experience of academy life for children and therefore we are passionate about ensuring they feel safe and happy and are given the best start.

Our environment is maintained to the highest standard both inside and outside, with lots of exciting opportunities to support your child’s learning and develop their skills through engaging and creative play. Our early years’ programme follows guidance from the statutory 2012 framework, which focuses on three prime areas, and four specific areas.

Prime areas:

  • communication and language development
  • physical development
  • personal, social and emotional development

Specific areas:

  • literacy development
  • maths
  • understanding the world
  • expressive arts and design

We closely assess the individual needs, interests and stage of development for each child in our care. We use this information to plan challenging and enjoyable experiences for each child in all areas of their learning and development.

Parents should enable their child to gain some experience in the three prime areas before joining Tuxford Primary, as they focus on preparedness for academy life. Each prime area reflects the key skills and capacities all children need to develop and learn effectively.

The balance shifts towards a more equal focus on all areas of learning as children grow in confidence and ability. Once your child joins the academy, we will work to get to know your child and will work closely with you in partnership to ensure we get the best out of them. We encourage all parents to be involved and engaged with their child’s learning.

During the early years, we keep you updated on your child’s progress every step of the way and, if we think there is any cause for concern, we will discuss this with you and agree how best to support them. We will also consider whether a child may have a special educational need or disability that requires specialist support. This will help families to access relevant services from outside agencies if required.

At Tuxford Primary, we are very proud of our early years’ provision and believe that it is tailored to every child’s needs. Children have purposeful learning opportunities where they are supported and nurtured in developing their own individual strengths, applying new skills and knowledge to the world around them.

Times and prices

We are one of the only academy nurseries in the area that offers flexible nursery times. Our main session times and prices are below but if you need a more flexible arrangement, please let us know.

Morning session

8.45-11.45am | £11.25 (until eligible for funding)

Lunch club

11.45am-12.15pm £1.87, plus £2.25 for lunch (or bring a packed lunch)

Afternoon session

12.15-3.15pm | £11.25 (until eligible for funding)

For two-year-olds, the hourly rate is very competitive at £3.20, unless you are eligible for funding. We can offer both 15 hours and 30 hours free, depending on your personal entitlement.

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