Vision and values

Our vision:

To continue to be an exciting learning community in which all children and adults are safe, secure, valued and inspired. We nurture self-belief and have aspirations for all. We create opportunities for everyone in our school community to reach their full potential.

This is evident in the richness of the curriculum and the learning culture of the environment in which every individual has the skills and desire to succeed. We continually strive for excellence, without the fear of failure, in the knowledge that all successes will be recognised and celebrated. Children who transition from our academy will be well-rounded, self-motivated citizens who have the confidence to thrive both socially and academically.

Our values:

  • we value and care about every member of the school and its community equally
  • we believe that they have the right to an exciting and fulfilling education
  • we value consistently good and better teaching and the provision of enriching opportunities to support pupils in striving to reach their maximum potential
  • we celebrate everyone’s achievements
  • we value and nurture good behaviour through adherence to our golden values
  • everyone is an individual who has responsibilities, as citizens, to our school community and the extended community
  • we uphold the British values of freedom, diversity, respect and personal and social responsibility

Our aims:

  • to ensure all people connected with our school perform and achieve to the highest standard possible; both academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually
  • to provide opportunities for our children to become equipped with the skills and aspirations for a happy, fulfilling life
  • to treat everyone with care and respect