Reading, literacy and language

Read Write Inc

We use Read Write Inc to teach our children the foundations of reading and writing. Ruth Miskin, the creator of Read Write Inc, believes that reading is the key to success in all areas. Read Write Inc is developed to ensure all children succeed in their reading and develop a passion, enjoyment and a lifelong love of books!

In Read write Inc we;


  • Assess children every half term on their sound knowledge and blending skills.
  • Group children according to the sounds they already know building on new learning each day.
  • Teach lessons that are fun and full of energy and praise.
  • Partner children so they can teach each other and enjoy each other’s success.
  • Give children an opportunity to enjoy reading for pleasure.


You can find out more information for parents on how Read Write Inc is taught at:


You can find out how to say the sounds at:


You can read a case study about the successes of Read write Inc at Tuxford Primary Academy at: