Reading, literacy and language

Read Write IncLearning to read is the most important skill your child will learn at our school so we put all of our efforts into making sure every child can be a confident and fluent reader as quickly as possible as well as helping them to develop a pleasure and enjoyment in reading. At Tuxford Primary Academy we use a reading programme called Read Write Inc. As part of this programme children are assessed every eight weeks and are then placed in Read Write Inc groups based on their assessment.

This assessment programme allows each child to learn in a group that is appropriate to their reading level. This means that all children can read a variety of books and complete writing activities that they can easily access and enjoy at their reading level. Alongside this the reading teacher builds on their knowledge from their assessments, teaching new sounds and words so that at the next assessment point they are ready to move onto a new level.

Children at the academy show enthusiasm and pleasure in Read Write Inc. They love the pacey teaching style and abundance of praise shared during the sessions.

We have also been featured as a case study for the work that children have done on the scheme. Follow the link below to read more:

Reading Scheme
At Tuxford Primary Academy we provide children with a range of fiction and non-fiction books to read at home. Our reading books follow a banded system. We will match the book to your child’s reading ability. Once your child is ready we will move them onto ‘Free reading books’. This could be a longer book from home or a book of their choice from school. It is an expectation that children share a book with you at least four times a week in order to be fluent and confident readers. The time you spend with your child reading should also include discussing the book and talking about what they have enjoyed.