Curriculum teams

To ensure that our curriculum is broad, diverse, challenging and engaging, we have curriculum teams who meet on a regular basis to plan, review and update key areas that will ensure coverage and creativity throughout all lessons at the academy.

These teams and the areas they cover are as follows:


Health and Wellbeing 

Areas covered: Religious education, sports, PHSCE, behaviour

Mr Wilson (Lead)     

Mrs Witham, Mrs Franks, Mrs Hall, Mrs Smith, Mr Powell, Miss Ashton,

Mrs Stockley, Mrs Cupit, Mrs Le Floch, Mrs Coles, Miss Yerro



Areas covered: Humanities, music, drama, displays, performances

Mrs Machin (Lead)

Mrs Cottam, Miss Johnstone, Miss Brierley, Miss Bramall, Miss Thomas,

Miss Williams, Mrs Chambers, Miss Brunt, Mrs Farrell, Mrs Morris


Problem solving, Reasoning and Numeracy

Areas covered: Maths, science, philosophy, computing

Miss Yerro (Lead)

Mrs Witham, Mrs Smith, Mrs Franks, Miss Johnstone, Miss Bramall, Miss Ashton,

Miss Williams, Mrs Chambers, Mrs Stockley, Mrs Farrell, Mrs Le Floch, Mrs Coles


Communication, Language and Literacy

Areas covered: Reading, writing, Spanish, speaking and listening, phonics, grammar

Mr Powell (Lead)

Mrs Hall, Mrs Cottam, Miss Brierley, Miss Thomas, 

Mrs Machin, Miss Brunt, Mrs Cupit, Mrs Morris

Miss Davidson works closely alongside these curriculum teams to monitor planning for coverage and creativity. For further information about the academy's curriculum, please contact Miss Davidson by phone on 01777 870482 or email

Further information for parents is also available from your child's class teacher.