AttendanceWe wish to work with parents to ensure regular school attendance and eliminate unauthorised absences. In order to achieve this we ask parents to notify the academy on the first day of any absence. If we do not receive notification we will contact you.

In October 2017, elected members of the Children and Young People’s Committee, Nottinghamshire, voted to make some changes to the code of conduct for attendance. In essence, they have decided to equalise the threshold so that education penalty notices can be issued for any unauthorised leave of absence in excess of three days over a six week period, regardless of whether the absence relates to a holiday in term time or is more general in nature.

This will come into effect at Tuxford Primary Academy from the start of spring term 2018.

An ‘attendance shield’ is awarded weekly to the class with the highest attendance and individual certificates and prizes are awarded each term. The attendance target for all pupils is 98%.

Children in Year 2 and Year 6 are especially asked to avoid any absences during May, when they complete Standard Assessment Tests. We discourage taking holidays during term-time, such absences are unauthorised unless there are exceptional circumstances. Before submitting a holiday request we ask parents to speak to the executive principal. From September 2014 Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued by the government as a result of holidays taken during term-time.