Academy director welcome

Georgina Day - academy director As Academy director at Tuxford Primary Academy, I have the pleasure of spending my working days surrounded by the many inspirational, hard-working and enthusiastic members of our Tuxford Primary family. Our pupils and staff work exceptionally hard to ensure they strive to achieve their goals and make a positive contribution to school life. No two days are ever the same and life at TPA certainly keeps me on my toes!

Our aims are simple. To ensure that all members of our TPA community are given rich, inspiring and worthwhile experiences to reach their full potential; to ensure that they are happy, safe, secure and surrounded by mutual respect; to celebrate successes and provide support where success is a little harder to achieve; to learn from valuable mistakes rather than seeing them as failures and to ensure that each and every member of our community is emotionally, spiritually, academically and morally prepared and ready for the next stage in their education.

We are a learning community and each one of is learning and developing, achieving goals and setting new aspirational targets. All staff work incredibly hard to make Tuxford Primary a vibrant, safe and supportive environment and our Golden Values, British Values and desire to respect individuality and diversity are upheld across all areas of the academy. All classes participate in a trips or in-academy experience each half term to launch their topic and celebrate and share their learning through a class assembly to all pupils and their parents and carers. We are committed to ‘growing’ confident, reflective and dedicated learners who are happy to share their newfound knowledge. Parents are invited into the academy regularly for assemblies, parents’ evenings, open days and class showcases and the door is always open for any questions to be asked. We welcome feedback and suggestions to ensure we continue to develop and improve.

Striving to be an asset to our educational and geographical community, we collaborate whenever we can, this might mean performing at a local care home or raising money for local charities and we house the Tuxford Library within our academy site.

This website will provide further information about our school and insight into aspects of life in the classroom. We also welcome term-time visits to tour the school. If you would like to visit and see our academy in action, please contact the main office, who will be able to arrange a mutually convenient date and time.