Academy Meals

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Frequently Asked Questions

My child hasn’t had school meals before, how do I pay for them?

If your child is in KS1 the Government introduced free school meals for all children in the UK in reception and years 1 and 2 in 2014. This means that any child in these year groups are entitled to a delicious hot meal or packed lunch for free. If you require more information, please contact the School Office on 01777 870001.

If your child is in KS2 you can pay for their school meals by cash or cheque, in a named envelope to your child’s school or by using an online Squid account – please see the School Office for more details.

Pupils across all years may be entitled to receive Free School Meals if parents are in receipt of financial support, please contact the School Office to find out more.

I want my child to start having school meals, where can I find the menu?

Our menus are displayed on the school website, the notice board outside the School Office and in the Hall.

What is included in a school meal?

Each school meal consists of a protein item (either meat, fish or vegetarian options), 2 vegetables (e.g. broccoli/ sweetcorn/ carrots), a starchy carbohydrate (e.g. pasta/ rice/ potato), and a pudding.  There is also salad available daily for children to help themselves to, and water is always on offer for a drink option. If your child does not want the pudding option, fruit and yoghurt are available daily. 

I am not sure that my child will enjoy the hot lunch option. Are there any alternatives that my child could choose from instead? 

We realise that not all children will want a full hot meal at lunchtime. Therefore there are daily options of jacket potatoes with a variety of fillings & a range of sandwiches that your child could choose from instead. Please see your child’s school menu for more detail.  

Will my child be able to switch between having a homemade packed lunch and a school meal? 

Yes. As school meals are not mandatory, you are able to switch between packed lunches and school meals. Remember though that school meals are free to those children in reception and years 1 & 2, and provide a nutritionally balanced, delicious meal. 

I want my child to be able to have school meals but they have an allergy/ require a special diet. Do you cater for special diets? 

Yes. Our dedicated team of nutritionists work with our chef teams to create menus for those children that suffer with allergies or require a special diet. A special diet is a requirement different to the choices offered within the menu cycle, which are medically required or due to religious beliefs. For medically required diets all special diet request are required to be supported with a GP / Dieticians letter confirming the allergy. 

The Chartwells nutrition team develop four core special diet menus that are released with every new central menu cycle. This includes non-gluten containing, milk, egg, and nut free menus. For pupils requiring multi allergy menus these are created on a case by case basis. 

Please note that for safety reasons Chartwells can only provide a special diet menu for any of the 14 EU allergens, this includes: 

  • Cereals containing gluten 
  • Milk and milk derivatives 
  • Egg, nuts, peanuts, Lupin, Soya, fish 
  • Molluscs 
  • Crustaceans 
  • Celery, Sesame seeds, Mustard 
  • Sulphur dioxide and sulphites at concentrations of more than 10mg/kg or 10mg/litre expressed as SO2 

Once a special diet menu is devised it will then be sent to parent/ guardian for written consent, only when authorised by the parent/ guardian will any food be given to the child.